Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups


  • System 4 joint for comfort and best possible safety
  • shock-absorbing and gentle on ligaments and joints
  • optimal balance thanks to extra wide tread and curved shape
  • tread with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip


The Bow Balance Stirrup supports correct &safe riding through its unique design &function. It is not only optimally balanced, but also curved. This assists in allowing your leg to lay closer to the horse, making it easier to pick up your stirrups, as well as give more correct &thorough leg aids.

In the case of a fall, the special System 4 Joint will ease to assist in the release of the foot, reducing the risk of additional injury.

In addition, the joint also offers unique flexibility, supporting the natural spring-like movement of the foot &ankle, while providing shock-absorption for your joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The extra wide tread with two different rubber hardnesses provides additional comfort. For correct attachment to the saddle, the stirrups are marked for the respective side with an “L” for left and an “R” for right.

The Bow Balance stirrup supports you in all challenges, whether you are at home in the dressage arena, on the cross-country course or in the show jumping arena. And with its many advantages, it is also a good choice for a leisurely ride.

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12 CM


Black, steel




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