Safety Stirrups Safe Riding


S2 Safety First are specially designed for female riders. Built from an aircraft-grade alloy that makes it especially light and extremely resistant.
Slightly smaller and lighter than the S1, the S2 stirrup are perfectly suited to the boots of horsewomen, providing the safety that is the hallmark of SAFE RIDING equestrian accessories.

*All stirrups come with black cover

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S2 is 100% safety-certified and internationally patented. All it takes is minimum pressure on the midpoint of the outer branch to completely open the stirrup, freeing the foot and avoiding the risk of it getting caught in the stirrup.


S2 is ergonomic, with a shock-absorbent, tilted footbed which, thanks to an innovative gripping system, adapts to the rider’s every movement.


S2 evokes fashion. Colours, designs, materials and text: 4 lines that let you show off your personality and release your creative flair by customising your stirrup covers.

S2 stirrups are lighter and smaller, making them more practical and safer for horsewomen.


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